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Getting Back to 'Ak Rite'

When I started this post this morning on the train, it started off on a very melancholy tone.  I ...

Back to School - Is it Harder for Kids or Parents?


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I'm a mom who loves being one and am proud to be a complex, but not complicated woman. I'm a Native (Brooklyn) New Yorker and have just enough sarcasm and attitude to prove it! I love fashion, sports, music, socializing and living life to its fullest. I live life passionately and consciously, always trying to treat others as I'd like to be treated. I'm happiest sharing my thoughts and opinions with others and those thoughts usually focus on love, self-reliance and accountability and parenting. This blog is dedicated to that.

Currently, I'm most passionate about fundraising to find a cure for my daughter Dylan's anoxic brain injury and a cure for asthma. I have partnered with Dr. Chris Hansis of NYU Langone Medical Center ( for the research. We accept donations via's site at A Gift for Dylan.

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