Nov 13, 2010

Challenge Update - Week #2

It's week #2 of the 16 Week Challenge and what a week it's been! It's been one of those awesome weeks where I was dead tired most of the time but with good reason: I got a massive amount accomplished!

During the Success Hustlers call on Sunday night, we had a Mastermind Spotlight where we were given 2 minutes to provide the team with an update on our accomplishments of the past week, ask for assistance or guidance on a challenge we were facing and to share our success for the week. Any of you that know me or have read prior posts know that my biggest challenge is work/life balance. Time with my daughter sometimes feels like it's nonexistent and with all that I need to accomplish for the Winter Ball to be successful, I'm feeling the pressure. After all, I don't have the 9 to 5 to worry about so why don't I have more time with her? Well, the answer is of course that owning your own business means that you do everything so the free time you have will be eaten away by all your business' to do's. All good from an entrepreneurial perspective but was having me feel incredibly guilty as a mom. My team helped me cast those feelings aside. Following were a couple of phrases that got me through this week:

- "you're last for right now" (parent said to child)
- everything you're doing now is for her future
- when you do have time to spend with her, make it 100% about her to make the most of it
- it's not how much time you have with her but being sure you're making it quality time when you have it

I've paraphrased horribly so I apologize for butchering the wonderful thoughts said to me last week - I'm blessed with a vocally gifted team - but I believe you get the jist of the message. Don't let my (unnecessary) guilt be an excuse to stopping my progress. Schedule time to spend with my daughter and when I had it, make it quality time that's all about her. That was a much more doable thing than my current method of trying to find a set time everyday. With Veteran's Day this Thursday, it was easy to carve out a wonderful amount of time with her and to also even work in a visit with her Dad! It's truly been a blessed week.

Monday night was the WIBO Alumi event ( For those of you who may not know, the Workshop In Business Opportunities is an organization that assists entrepreneurs by providing a 16 week training course and networking opportunities. It is a private non-profit organization that is committed to assisting people with the drive to become successful entrepreneurs. They run a 16 week workshop twice a year that assists small business owners and beginning entrepreneurs start, operate and build successful businesses. It was a great networking event because of the audience there and the total number of people; I felt like I could hit everyone in the room. People were warm and open so it made for a very friendly atmosphere. Lawrence McCutchen ( and Omoyele McIntosh of Fan Family Inc. ( were the two team members in attendance along with me and introduced me to some great people. With those introductions and a surprising bit of confidence from me, I was able to make several contacts for my Winter Ball and beyond. I've already established contact with all of them and am on my way to getting some big to do's ticked.

I'm most excited about the great idea shared with me by Dr. John F. Dixon an Associate Professor of Business at New York City College of Technology ( When I mentioned that I was having work done on my logo and hadn't made payment yet, he suggested that I consider using the graphic arts students at City Tech. It had never occurred to me to use college students as a resource for my logo or website and there's so much upside to that option! They'll be full of ideas, will know all about the latest technology and techniques, work hard and come at a reasonable price! I'm hoping to have a selection of candidates early next week and to have my logo by month's end. The rest of the week was a bit of a whirlwind. Finalizing my blog post, plans for Veteran's Day which were amended many times, critically thinking about my bandwith to take part in an opportunity that was presented to me by another team member, Duane Robinson of My Shoe Party (, and trying to get some sleep.

After this week, I can tell you this. I have fat to trim, a notebook to get and a shitload of work to do! And I'm SO looking forward to it! Next week's goals include meetings with art students re: logo & website, nailing down the venue and any research regarding insurance based on the venue that work, and nailing down a firm budget. I'm overdue on the budget but have to get the venue secured before I can confirm anything else. I'll be stalking the two venue owners so I have that done by Wednesday.

Okay folks, that's it for this week. Time to keep it moving! Go get it!

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