Jan 3, 2011

Ahhh! What a Year! The 2010 Roundup - Part 2

For Part 2 of my 2010 roundup, I'm focusing on my core, my center: my family.  My daughter is now 4 years old and she's grown as much as I have this year.  She's shown her strength by adapting to a new situation when the temporary move to my mother's house was made permanent this year.  She's shown her intelligence by excelling with her schoolwork, now recognizing about 85-90% of the Dolch sight words for kindergarten which has improved her reading skills tremendously (and, yes, I'm bragging!).  She's shown her savvy by being a bit of an adversary of mine when it comes to going to bed, to cleaning up, to talking back (my biggest challenge right now, ughhh!!) and to being too wise to the situation around her (some of the things that come out of her mouth, Jeez!!).  All in all, however, she's progressing very well as an individual and I am proud of her.  She celebrates her 5th birthday in February and I can't believe it!  She's a little woman, with her own sense of style (she does take after both mommy & daddy with that regard) and ways that are uniquely her own from the way her lips curl up when she says certain words to her idiosyncrasies (everything must be in it's place and like Jay-Z and her mommy she hates waiting!).  She reminds me what the joys of being a parent are everyday.

Things with my daughter's father have improved tremendously.  He's been able to work picking her up from school each day into his schedule, and speaks to her via phone on the weekends if they don't have a Daddy & Me day planned.  We speak to each other as equals now and although we may not always agree about things, there is no animosity and nothing is held against the other person so we're able to move on from it.  We're actually acting our ages finally!
 We're both working toward establishing other routines where we can spend time together as a family as well.  My daughter's asked me if that would be possible so the natural progression toward those types of activities is perfectly timed.  We've forgiven each other for our past wrongs and are both committed to raising her together.  It makes me happy and proud to be able to say that we're here in this moment and I look forward to this new relationship growing stronger each day.

Next are my friends, both old and new, that I've enjoyed spending more time with and will continue to do so in 2011.  They remind me of who I am (the old ones) of who I can be (the new ones) and how much strength I have (what's up Success Hustlers!).  Hanging out with friends from high school is a great way to keep in touch with my youth without dressing like a fool.  And being around the new ones just keeps me evolving as a human being.  The Success Hustlers keep me accountable to my business goals and are just a great group of people to have in your corner.  They are full of both business & spiritual wisdom which is rare these days and has helped me maintain my focus and get over the obstacles that are presented to me as I work to grow my business into the success I desire.

And last but not least, is my extended family.  It's been a life-long journey with the folks that I've known the longest but who know me the least.  I've finally come to my own peace with the relationships that I have with all of them and it's allowed me to grow as an individual by accepting them for who they are.  We may see the world and life through very different eyes, but I love them and cherish my interactions with them.  I've found a mentor that I lost a long time ago with my older cousin who's in the military and it's been a Godsend as I've dealt with my daughter's see-sawing health this Winter, worked on the business and try to decide when is the right time to move out on my own.  I've found a friend in someone whose relationship with my mother I always resented as a teen and therefore kept at arms length.  Since she's also a mother and someone who is also trying to find her way through the dating obstacle course, it's a pleasant surprise.  I look forward to keeping up with her more often this year.  And I'm looking forward to reconnecting with other extended family members that I've simply lost touch with.  I missed that part of my life - the way that having a huge extended family that you stayed relatively connected to makes you feel deeply connected to the meaning of life and the way we all fit into the matrix.

As most people do around the new year, I'm also focused on cleaning house, clearing out the clutter, getting rid of the bullshit.  One of my Facebook friends posted a Blackberry icon that looked like a post it note and read, "note to self: the only people you need in your life are the ones that prove they need you in theirs" and it describes my #1 to do to a tee.  I'm cleaning myself of people clutter, getting rid of those that are no longer a part of my overall purpose.  And it's not anything that will be hard to do since most of the people I'm thinking of I don't speak to that often anymore anyway.  The one thing that I will not tolerate this year is me saying that I regret not doing something.  I believe the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, right? So no more excuses for why someone's still in my life that shouldn't be.  It's just that simple.  I'm also getting rid of my bad habits that I picked up during the year and will return to a life where routines were dominant.  My daughter (like all kids) require a routine for a sense of security.  I've strayed in some regards but know that I need to return to it since it will also allow me to succeed with time management, which will be key with all that I have planned for 2011.  Emotional management is vital as well especially when it comes to love.  I literally don't have time to be distracted and although I'm a believer that having love in your life is important, I cannot have it consume me the way I've allowed it to in the past.  Now, my focus must be on the things that I hold dear: my daughter & my businesses.  I'm a true believer that everything else will fall into place.

So, get ready people, for a big year with me having lots to share.  Come, follow me...and try to keep up! ;-)


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