Jun 6, 2011

2011 Mid Year Check In

As we encroach upon the middle of the year, I'm reminiscing on all that I planned to accomplish this year. And as I reflect, I smile because as usual, nothing went as planned but at the same time I also know that despite that fact I'm right where I'm supposed to be.
So last year, I was blessed to be a participant of the 16 Week Challenge and a member of The Success Hustlers team, one of their mastermind groups. The Success Hustlers had a weekly conference call and each started with a question posed to us by our team leader, Lawrence McCutchen. One of the most memorable questions that asked of us was what we wanted our legacy to be. In theory, our answer to this question should also be tied to what we were doing with our careers and lives. Lawrence challenged all of the group not to wait and to begin living our legacy. It stuck with me.
Ever since then, I've revisited the question not to change my answer but to ensure I'm being true to it and actively living it. My answer was centered around leaving things in great working order for Dylan and passing on enough knowledge for her to feel secure at least 95% of the time, if not all. So no doubt part of living my legacy is being present in her life and spending quality time with her, especially given our transition to a single parent household. Instrumental in me having more time with her was the switch to working part-time. I expected to be transitioning to that about now however, life pushed forward my plans by six months. To say the least, it's been an adjustment for me. I fight with myself daily on whether I should keep this up after she graduates pre-K this August or go back to full time and reap the benefits the additional income would bring. It's a hard decision and I still haven't made up my mind.
With Dylan's health the focal point the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011, my business plans have had to change as well. I've revamped the planning calendar for ChuggyBear Entertainment and am excited to say that I'm planning our inaugural event to take place this Fall, The Winter Ball. It's a dream I've had for some time now so it feels long overdue, however, as the wise Mr. McCutchen told me, this extra time has given me the time to build momentum for it and execute the vision I have to perfection. More news to follow on that one.
And the Bed-Stuy Mommy brand. Well, I'm well into year two of this blog and, again, I'm way behind with the plans I had for this year. But I'm happy with the current product and plan to move forward with reformatting the site to begin including video content covering about fashion, sports and parenting, to start.
Finally, for those that know me on a personal level know that I've been working on a book for quite some time. Life took me to a place where this blog was a necessity so that I could keep myself on pace with all that was going on around me so it became the primary focus of my writing. However, as I get closer to entering a new phase of peace in my life, I'm happily discovering my inspiration has (thankfully) returned at a level that's allowed me to focus on the book and has resulted in some great work. I hope to have something ready to go for outside eyes over the next few weeks.
So what can I say about 2011? It's been an unexpected year, a year that I didn't plan for. It's been a rebuilding year for me both financially and emotionally. And it's been a year where through each experience, obstacle and accomplishment, I've continued to grow and learn to appreciate life and all I have. So to summarize, it's been a good year so far and I look forward to the greatness!
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