Sep 22, 2011

Living Your Legacy

It's almost a week after Troy Davis was executed for the death of Marc MacPhail and public reaction has left me wondering about several things. The obvious is my fellow man's opinion of the death penalty. I was also struck by the way this story captured interest of people around the world. All that aside, I was left thinking and analyzing the value system we put on our lives - and, consequently the lives of others. What do you hold sacred in your life? What makes life worth living for you? When you think of others - your family, friends, acquaintances - how do you measure their success?

As countless numbers of people showed their support for either side of the death penalty argument over the last few weeks, I felt for both families involved. To have to grieve over the death and an impending death of a loved one publicly is simply not natural. And with each day that either family agonized over the way the legacy of their loved ones would be decided by the powers that be, I began to reflect on my own legacy, the way I live my life. I asked myself: Am I living each day to the fullest? Do I cherish the little things that make up the everyday? And what legacy will I ultimately leave behind?

Instead of pointing out where I can still improve like I normally do, I somewhat apologetically found joy in all the blessings. I have family and friends to rely on and who respect and support me. I have the intelligence necessary to dream big and work towards achieving those dreams. Neither Marc MacPhail nor Troy Davis had the ability to do that anymore. Ultimately, I would like that to be my legacy: that I lived my dreams; that I was a doer not a talker; that I inspired others; that I never wasted a day. Ask yourself: how do you live each day? What is your legacy? Now do you like your answer? If not you should be working to change it.

This year the month of September has reminded us that tomorrow is not promised to us and that each and every day is a blessing. Don't waste these opportunities to build on your legacy. Don't miss out on these opportunities to live. One!

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