Sep 9, 2011

New Beginnings

It's September and if the way things went the first two weeks is an indication of how 2011 will round out, I'm all in! So far the month's been full of new beginnings, which brings along with it hurdles that I cleared easily (thank you very much!) and is jam packed with deliverables and lots of chances to gather socially with like minded individuals. I will continue to plow down those obstacles, get my 'ish done and try my very best to make as many events as possible...within reason, of course!
First up, no surprise is a Dylan deliverable. My little one started kindergarten at Excellence Girls Charter School on August 30th and we'll both have to adjust to a new routine based around a very aggressive school day & curriculum. So far so good. It's still a bit bumpy but since we're nine days into the school year at the time I'm posting this, I'm happy with the minor tweaks that are needed to solidify our routine. I'll talk more about EGCS' approach to education and the NYC charter school system in general in a separate post but what I will say here is that with about 40 hours per week in the classroom, I'm confident that their goal to prepare students for prep school and college will be achieved.
Next, is me and my dedication to making a living writing. I've been awfully inconsistent and that must change immediately. I've been working on revamping this site to include more content around the things that matter to me most, parenting aside. So expect lots of talk about fashion (are you excited as I am about New York's Fashion Week?!), suggestions on what to watch on TV and at the movies, and sports, sports, sports. If you like or want to see another topic, please share your thoughts.
And finally, my core, parenting. Dylan's been pushing me to perform on that front with her insistence on expressing her opinion, being in charge of herself and others and being sure she's never wrong or gets into trouble. Now I say this very facetiously because I will not tolerate talking back, not going to bed at night, being bossy and (most importantly) lying. This Summer was tough. Nightly arguments about going to bed, countless time outs for talking back, days of no TV or other punishment for lying and trying my hardest to let her understand while her opinion and wants and needs are valid, she is not in charge of everything. I had good and bad days but I learned from every encounter. My lasting lesson is that I will have to be consistent even when that means bringing down the hammer because I'm all she's got. And I don't mean that my mother, sister or aunts who she interacts with daily are unimportant, but as her mother and a single parent, she must understand that my word is law and, therefore, must be followed and respected. It's been the most challenging period of parenting of my life but I'm alright. I'm no master, but I could definitely offer others some words of wisdom.
So like I said, I'm looking forward to the remainder of 2011 and for what all the hard work will bring forth in 2012. The new things are awesome and have made me better. Dylan is blossoming into a young lady and even though it's coming at me WAY too quickly, I'm enjoying watching her grow and mature and figure things out. I look forward to what else is in store for Dylan and I and to sharing it with you.
How are you doing? Are you ready to make it happen like you envision? Are you ready for your new beginnings? Embrace it all. Cherish the moments of fear you'll no doubt feel and then congratulate yourself when you move past it and kick ass. Be ready to seize every opportunity as it presents itself; sometimes you only have a second or two to act so don't hesitate. And most of all, believe in yourself and your vision. Because if you don't, no one else will. Make it happen...JUST DO IT!
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