Nov 2, 2011

Embracing Our Time

What's up my fellow human beings!

It's November and the holidays are among us. This inevitably means the year is just about over. Crazy, right! As I reflect on what 2011 has brought me and all I have left to do this year and beyond, I'm happily full of thankfulness for all I've accomplished, gratefulness that I have the energy to complete the rest of my to do list and excitement for everything else that's coming around the corner.

With that on mind, I write this note to you all this morning as a reminder to embrace your current situation and circumstances. We all are EXACTLY where we're supposed to be at this moment in time. So no matter what the obstacle or challenge, please see it as an opportunity to grow, to experience your greatness, to realize how powerful you are. Because no matter how much Life sometimes tries to kick you in the ass, we know that change is always amongst us and we have been inherently preprogrammed to not only handle it but to overcome it. So as you navigate this week, the remainder of the year and the rest of your life, listen to your heart and be ready to make the hard decisions. Listen to your instincts and be ready to take risks. And most importantly, listen to your common sense and ask for help when you need it. Although we are born alone and eventually die alone we LIVE as a community of individuals so utilize your network of peers. You've built this network specifically for these instances.

Make today a great one and every moment greater.


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