Jan 4, 2012

Top 12 to Do's in 2012

It's only a week new and 2012 is already full of excitement! I have been challenged by distractions and won so far (yay!), have had to trust my gut and take a risk even when it seems like it's too soon for all that, and had to listen to my head, not my heart, and end a relationship that was proving itself overvalued. I knew I'd be busy this year but damn! It's gonna be a doosey of a year, but a great one and I've got to be ready for it. So before I lose myself in the madness, here's my twelve to do's in 2012.

1. Find the joy in everything. If these past few days will be a trend for the rest of the year then I'll need a sense of humor more than anything. Realizing what I've learned and finding the silver lining in every decision made and every obstacle overcome will give me the energy to keep going. And since I'll be 40 years young in June I'm also conscious of keeping the wrinkles and frown lines at bay (yes, it's true, frowning and pouting cause those bad boys!).

2. Get and stay healthy. I've picked up some bad eating habits in 2011 and with every staircase climbed I'm reminded of how out of shape I am...long sigh. I've got no one to blame but myself and no way to fix it but to put in the hard work so: mama let's get to it. I'm thinking that I may just post a weekly log of all the junk I've eaten so I can highlight all the extra calories and weight I've put on each week. What do you think? Desperate times call for desperate measures! And as I type this I'm reminiscing about the Crumbs cupcake I devoured earlier this week and all that I ate last night. It's all shameful; yes, I know...long sigh. This will be a HUGE challenge for me.

The next few to do's were mentioned already in this post:

3. Do not give in to distractions. They will be frequent, always inconvenient and at times overwhelming but I must prevail and at all times keep the big picture at the forefront of my mind.

4. Trust my gut, it won't steer me wrong. One of the biggest lessons from 2011 was to listen to my instincts. I suffered seven months of unnecessary headaches because I decided to ignore all the signs being shown to me. Sometimes there are things you can't fix, some situations that should only be temporary, and some people who will not be permanent parts of your life. Recognize it, accept it and move on. If you don't, you're just holding yourself back from realizing your true destiny.

5. Listen to my head, not my heart. I'm a hopeless, borderline pitiful, romantic. I'm also an extremely loyal person full of passion for life and love that I long to share with others. That's a dangerous combination and has gotten me into some big trouble with my heart. To put in bluntly, I'm in love with being on love and that's a problem. It clouds judgment and makes things seem real when they're not. So as much as I long to have The One in my life, I'm SO not ready for him.....sniff, sniff. For now, I'll continue my journey and at some point will dedicate the same amount of time I do to all my other goals to finding my life partner. Because right now homeboy could come and slap me with the sweetest love and I'd still fuck it up. Yes, I would....long sigh....

6. Immerse myself in music. The only things that can change my mood almost immediately are Dylan, food and music. Music is a powerful artform and I'm not shamed to admit that I need it in my life. It soothes my soul, amps me up, gets me in the mood and puts me to sleep. Most of all, it is inspiring. I like how I feel when it's a constant in my life and I'm not afraid to be addicted.

7. Be aware of my surroundings but not consumed by them. I'm great at picking up on vibes around me, on the moods of others. But I sometimes allow the mood of others or The Collective to affect me. So before going through any changes, I need to collect myself be thankful for the empathy I feel for others but let it end there.  I cannot let it become a distraction or let the problems of others become my own.  No matter who it is: family, friend, acquaintance or foe, I must not invest myself in anything negative or not my own.  I have a ton of plans for this year and there's no way to complete them all by taking on other projects. Be supportive, yes, be a problem solver for others, absolutely not.

8. Surround myself with like-minded people. There's no better way to get to where you're going than with the assistance of others. This way in your moments of doubt, you have people you can call on for encouragement and don't have to worry about naysayers who are always ready to keep you down.  I plan to increase my circle with those that are as ambitious as me and to be sure to keep the negative souls at bay.  Ain't no room for them and their madness.  Period.

9. Feed my mind and soul. I want to read more this year, have more meaningful and interesting conversations, and get back in the habit of thinking critically about things.  A mind IS a terrible thing to waste and I've been resting mine a bit.  My body ain't the only thing that needs to work out and get back in shape. If you encounter me this year, I hope you're ready not only for a good time but a meaningful time too.  Don't get me wrong, I'm never boring, but I will focus on being sure that my interactions are meaningful.  I've missed having alot of that in 2011.  Each interaction I have will also help me grow emotionally as well.  I love  relationships and the ones that I have with people so am looking forward to really working on the ones I have and making new ones this year.

10. Get back in touch with my creative side. In addition to consistently writing this blog, I want to go back to dedicating time to writing poems, short stories and my novel.  Also, continuing to work on my entrepreneurial endeavors is a priority. I'm really excited to see where I am at the end of 2012....this is going to be a monumental year!  Surprisingly, I've also been finding joy in coloring with Dylan.  Yes, really, I have and I am going to do alot more of it.  As crazy as it may sound, it's a nice way to unwind while also getting in some great Mommy & Me time.  Yep, lots and lots of coloring in 2012.

11. Get my financial business in order.  I'm still recovering from being out of work for the last quarter of 2010 and working part-time for most of 2011.  It'll take some time and lots of discipline, but I'll rebuild my finances to catch up with the goals I'd set in 2009 and then continue forward with the goals I've set this year.  Ain't nothing like independence and I can't wait to be there financially again.  I must admit that staying the course financially was not a strong suit of mine until Dylan came along, but I look forward to impressing myself again with how diligent I can be.  College savings, rainy day fund, travel budget, my will, I need to handle it all.  And no matter how much people may not paint it out to be, being financially responsible is one of the sexiest traits an adult can have.  I'm looking forward to bringing that sexy back!

12. Live, love, laugh, and then start all over again. We're all in this to experience life and life is about living, not surviving.  I like to say that I'm complex, not complicated and I really mean that.  I got rid of complicated almost three years ago and will never go back.  It's boring, a waste of time and extremely tiring. I want drama in my life, but the exciting kind, not the stressful kind.  So in 2012, I plan to make my heart race as often as possible.  I plan to let love happen to me and not run from it when I feel it - to share my passion...wisely, of course.  I plan to laugh my ass off, daily if possible, and always find humor in everything.  And then, right when I think I'm done, I'll do it all over again.

Are you ready for 2012??? C'mon, you HAVE to be! It's here and it's not waiting around for the slackers.  So get ready to have the greatest year ever!

Oh, and if you truly believe that the world will end this year, then the time to begin living and doing what you've longed to do is right now! So do yourself a favor and just go out and do it!!


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