May 27, 2012

Ode to Dylan, My Joy

I miss her most in the morning.  I miss her smile, her laugh, her hug, making her oatmeal, telling her to remember to brush her teeth, asking her if she finished her Life's Work, asking her to check if I signed her Reading Log. Deciding together if we should take the train, the bus or if we're running late, a cab to school.  Watching her run down the block with her fellow scholars to the line.  Giving her a kiss before I head back home to start work.  I miss everything about her.
Dylan is my joy.  She's my joy and provides joy to so many others.  From the bus drivers to a train's conductor, to the people we see during our daily commute, Dylan's presence touches everyone.  She's kind, witty, observant, inquisitive, considerate, caring and loving.  And, yes, I'm her mother so I'm biased, but ask any family, friends or the teachers she's had in her 6 year old life and you'll hear similar sentiments.
She loves school, loves her friends, her teachers and good stories.  She loves learning new things, going to the library, reading a cool book and using "wow" words to "spice" up her narrative when telling a story.  She was fascinated with NYC's transit system and remembered how to get everywhere we went.  So much so that she could help adults find where they were going on the train or bus like any great Native New Yorker. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not proud of her.
She was braver than me at so many things.  In the picture above, we're at my friend's Tania's house out in Sunset Park Brooklyn.  She doesn't know how to swim so when Tania told me that there was a 6 foot pool, I told her that Dylan wouldn't be going in.  Dylan saw the pool and immediately had other plans.  She put on her life vest and floaties and got right in.  She moved around that pool like a pro and brought tears to my eyes with her fearlessness.  That was one of many great moments we've shared together.
More than anything, Dylan loves being a kid.  She loves playing with her toys, loves going to "cool and fun" places around the city and experiencing life from the unique perspective of a child.  We'd talk for hours about everything under the sun from why the bus was taking so long to how funny her teachers Ms. Shoichet and Ms. Douin are.  She loves dancing and talking to her best friend, Destiny, via Oovoo every night before she goes to bed.  She and Destiny get their notebooks, pencils and pens and sit for hours designing their future together.  What their careers will be, what their houses will look like and where Carmen and I, their mothers, will fit in to their grand plans.  She is ambitious and full of the kind of energy that can make her dreams come true.
I'm her super proud mom and I love her immensely.  I cannot wait to tell her that again and for her to respond to me affirmatively.  I love you baby, miss you and am fighting with you everyday.  You are my joy and this blog post is my ode to you. Muah!


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