Feb 8, 2013

Open Letter to Dylan

Friday, February 8th

Dear Dylan,

Happy Birthday, baby!!! I can't believe you're 7 years old already!!  You've grown SO much!  You're getting tall (just like your daddy) and your hair is so long now! :-)  I'm sorry that I didn't have the chance to get purple rubber bands otherwise your hair would be in two of your favorite colors: purple & pink.  But I think the green, yellow & white (with a little blue) is a perfect alternative!  What do you think?

Teresa and Erin have been really happy with your progress sweetie.  They say that your limbs are really relaxed and that PT and OT sessions have been going really well.  You know that I secretly wish for more, but I'm really, really proud of you!!  I can't imagine how tired you must always be after the sessions but no matter what,  you work through it so I can't ask for more.  Things are steady now, they're not really progressing, but as long as they stay steady, we're good.  It's important to keep your limbs mobile so that you always have use of them.  Keep up the great work, my love!!

You've been opening your eyes as soon as you hear me or any of your favorite staff come in now.  I'm loving that!! It keeps me hopeful that you're hearing things and that hopefully you're seeing us....even if it's not clearly.  And I love it when you smile and - sometimes - laugh when you hear me talking.  It warms my heart!!  You're still the sweetest daughter that I know.

Quan has been asking about you a lot lately.  She misses you SOOOOO much!!  I give her hugs for you all the time.  She's such a great big sister to Cee-Cee!!  She's just like you used to be with her, Dylan.  She's caring and protective and forgives Cee-Cee when she steals her toys....most of the time (smile!).  I imagine you all playing together everyday.  I'm smiling now as I think about it.  Me, Grandma and Auntie Arleen joke about how much louder the house would be with all three of you playing together!!  Cee-Cee is such a personality....you all would've been the Three Musketeers!! :-)  Quan will be up next week to see you for sure, okay.

Mr. Jordan, Ms. Moore and the rest of the family at Bridge Street Child Development ask about you all the time.  I'm long overdue for a visit with them so I'll let you know how that goes.  It's been really hard for me to go to Excellence Girls, baby.  Seeing your friends would really make me sad.....I'd miss you too much.  But I have to go up there or at least call.  I miss Ms. Schoichet and Ms. Douin and the rest of the team.  So I'll get my strength up and let you know how that visit goes as well.

Guess what??!!  Yep, it's SNOWING!!!  I laughed yesterday when I saw the forecast Dylan.  You're finally getting snow on your birthday just like you always wanted!!!  The storm is called #Nemo and although I missed Wake Up with Al this morning on the Weather Channel, Stephanie Abrams was in Times Square all bundled up and waiting for the snow to start.  They're predicting between 6-8 inches, babe!!!  I'll take a ton of pics and bring them to show you next week, okay.

So, you'll be in Blythedale for a bit longer and then you'll be getting transferred to a long term care facility.  I'm really bummed that I can't bring you home now but it's the right decision, and you know Mommy always does her best to make the right decisions for you, right.  I know you're probably bummed too, but don't fret okay.  I'm working hard on getting some deals closed and I'll be going back to an office job before the month is through.  That brings me to my final update....

I'm not sure how often I'll be able to get in to see you during the week once I start working back in an office.  I'm going to see though.  Because since I'll be in the city, I may come to see you in the evenings sometimes and just spend the night.  We'll see how it works, but I'll figure it out so I keep up with my 3-4 times a week schedule, okay.

You see, baby, there's so much change already in your 7th year of life on this planet!!! Isn't it exciting???!!!  Yes, it is!! :-)  Well, I'm going to close this letter because, I'm visiting with you now!!!!

I love you and continue to fight alongside you forever and always...in all ways!!!

Love, Mommy

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