Sep 8, 2014

Alert: Wendy's New Sandwich Contains Egg and Milk

At the end of August, FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) sent out an ingredient notice regarding Wendy's new sandwich, the Smoked Gouda Chicken on Brioche being offered for a limited time.  The commercial campaign is awesome.  It features Red, the Wendy's Girl, taking home a date to meet her mom and dad and that date either over dressing for the dinner (because Gouda obviously means a tux is in order!) or re-gifting flowers stolen from the vase by the front door.  You're sure to get at least a good chuckle out of it.  What may be missed is the fact that the brioche bun contains egg and milk and is topped with an egg glaze.   Those with egg and milk allergies should avoid the product.  What was most important to me about the ingredient notice was that it also informed the reader that the brioche bun is placed in the same toaster as Wendy's premium sandwich buns.  This means that there is also a chance for cross-contamination.

The FARE notice mentioned that each Wendy's sandwich is made to order so those of us with allergen concerns should "request your premium hamburger, chicken, or pretzel sandwich buns WITHOUT TOASTING".  I reached out to Wendy's Customer Service and asked about their plans on informing consumers about the allergens in the brioche buns and the potential for cross-contamination.  I'm happy to say that I received a response within the hour that confirmed that the allergen cross contact would be noted on the menu board under the picture of the sandwich and will be included on the in-store nutrition poster in early September.

I know we'll get to a day where the small print will also include allergen warnings but until then I appreciate the efforts of Wendy's to let its consumers know what's in what they are about to eat.

To sign up for FARE emails, including ingredient notices like the one mentioned here, visit their website.

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